BioPro™ 190 EX

BioPro™ 190 EX

Brand: Springboard Biodiesel
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  • 50 Gallon batch processor
  • 24 hour production time
  • Fully automated
  • ASTM-D6751 fuel
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Safe & Durable design
  • Wide range of feedstocks
  • 18,720 gallon annual production capacity

The BioPro™ 190 and 190EX convert vegetable and animal oils into high quality (ASTM-grade) biodiesel. These oils are converted through heat, mixing and chemical processes called esterification and transesterification into biodiesel fuel which will run in any diesel engine without the need to modify that engine.

What's unique about the BioPro™ 190EX is that the majority of this process is done by the machine with very little user interaction. Instead of having to turn valves, meter in chemicals, and carefully monitor the machine, you simply pour in your ingredients, press a button and walk away.

CALL FOR PRICING.  (530) 894-1793 x101

304 Stainless Steel
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