BioPro™ 380EX

BioPro™ 380EX

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The BioPro™ 380EX is a 100 gallon processing appliance that converts vegetable and animal oils into high quality (ASTM-grade) biodiesel.  The BioPro 380EX will complete the process in 23 hours. (INCOSEP allows for increased higher speed production time without loss of quality)  Bear in mind, if you connect a SpringPro™ T76 to the BioPro™ 380EX, you can do the entire process in 13 hours.

The 380 distinguishes itself from other small scale processors for 5 critical reasons:

1. IT IS SAFE. (This cannot be overvalued) They are built with explosion proof motors and explosion proof pumps. They are CE certified for safety.

2. It is incredibly easy to operate; you load them up, turn them on and walk away.

3. It makes ASTM grade fuel consistently and reliably if an operator follows the manual.

4. Automated dual reaction enables the conversion of any oil that is 5% FFA or less (most other machines can only handle 3% ffa).

5. Our customer support is outstanding.  We currently have machines operating in 14 countries and in all 50 states and our client list includes the National Guard, The Federal Prison system, Cotton Inc. Sara Lee Foods and currently 70 US colleges and universities.


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