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BD ZorbX is a premium-grade, cost-effective drywash media recommended for use in in the "lead" column of the SpringPro™ T76 dry wash system

BD ZorbX's function is to absorb and remove bulk amounts of soap, catalyst, water, salt and glycerin from raw biodiesel before the fuel passes into the 2nd "lag" column of the system for further polishing.  The BD ZorbX media prolongs the lifespan of the ion exchange resin DW-R10 by reducing the average soap content of your biodiesel down to approximately 250ppm soaps, depending on your initial soap content and type of catalyst used. 

We recommend using 17 gallons of BD-ZorbX in the SpringPro T76 lead column (weight varies).  BD-ZorbX can treat an estimated 1,400-1900 gallons of biodiesel per column load before requiring replacement.

Replacing the media in the SpringPro™ T76 is easy; the columns pivot and lock for easier removal and reloading.

cost = $65. Shipping = $44 to anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Please call for further information: 530 894 1793


Q:  What's the difference between BD Zorb and BD ZorbX?

A:  BD Zorb includes a small amount of DW-R10 polishing resin and is designed for a one column drywash system.  The X in BD ZorbX signifies that this resin is not present in this mixture, making it ideal for a two column system such as the SpringPro™ T76.

Q:  How does BD ZorbX compare to eco2pure?

A:  Favorably.  It's more cost effective and our testing has concluded that it is comparably effective at cleaning raw biodiesel.

Q: What is the total additional cost of washing biodiesel in a dry wash system instead of in the BioPro's automatic water wash system?

A: We calculate that if you use BD ZorbX and the DW-R10 as your two media, total additional cost per gallon will jump from $0.85/gallon to $.95 gallon.

Q: Why bother using a drywash system?

A: It's speeds up production time (to as little as 13 hrs) and it eliminates the use of water in cleaning the biodiesel.

Q: Are these dry wash chemicals hazardous?

A: Please read MSDS sheets.  The BD Zorb X should be handled with a respirator to avoid inhaling wood dust.



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