SpringPro™ T76 Drywsh

SpringPro™ T76 Drywsh

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The SpringPro™ T76 is a robust and easy to use cleaning system that uses resins instead of water to polish your finished biodiesel. It connects seemlessly to your BioPro™ and/or any existing processor.

Using a dual tower design with elevated resin support beds, the SpringPro™ T76 drywash system offers superior resin performance and efficiency by ensuring uniform fluid concentration throughout the entire column length. The SpringPro T76 is plumbed in a classic lead/lag configuration for optimal fuel purification and longer resin life. The SpringPro T76 works in conjunction with any biodiesel processor. Dramatically increasing the overall processing capacity of a biodiesel processor (If you use a BioPro, it will more than double your processing capability).

Unlike traditional drywash tower systems, which either rest on the bottom cleanout or are equipped with side cleanouts, the SpringPro™ T76 uses Theta-Lok fittings to allow each column to easily tilt 40 degrees. This elevates the bottom of the towers, making it much easier to unload spent resin through the bottom port. Using welded steel construction, a powder coated finish, durable stainless steel jacketed Teflon plumbing, and a variable mag-drive pump, the SpringPro™ T76 drywash system is the easiest and most reliable way to purify your biodiesel using any of the leading drywash resins on the market today.  Read the FAQ's about the SpringPro T76

BD-Zorb X:
The SpringPro T76 has been design to use an absorbent media for the lead column,  There are many that will work with varying degrees of efficacy.  We recommend BD-Zorb X based on extensive test results and cost. How long will this media last before you need to replace it?  Approximately 1700 to 1900 gallons of throughput.  This can diminish or extend based on the amount of soap present in the reacted biodiesel.

DW-R10 or ClimateStar™ BD100
The SpringPro T76 uses an ionic exchange resin in the lag column.  There are several products out there that work effectively.  Based on our testing and cost calculations, DW-R10 is extremely effective.  We recently discovered a promising media called ClimateStar™ BD100.  Tests are ongoing. DW-R10 will effectively treat approximately 9,000 to 10,000 gallons before it will need to be replaced.

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